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In the Merchants of Cool documentary, we learn of how companies came up with better ways to market to teens. We notice how these different companies try different ways to sell there products without actually selling there products to teens. This method worked for a while but instantly went south when  they began to exploit ones individuality and culture using it to create a new conformity. Although this documentary was made in the early 2000s this has been a issue that has been ongoing since the 80s.  During this time their were many different styles which went with the culture and music listened to. This was also the period where hip-hop was cocooning and gaining popularity. With hip hop came break dancing and they stuck together like velcro. This was urban culture until the marketers took notice and watered it down with corny commercials and movies. This also divided the hip-hop between those who rapped about what was happening in their environment( N.W.A, Public Enemy, KRS-One) to the soft industry rappers who did what the record companies thought made money ( Run D.M.C, LL Cool J). In the end this will always happen to urban culture. It will always be sugar coated so it will be sweet enough for everyone to like.


Comment on December 8th, 2009.

Yeah this vicious cycle is never gonna end. Something is gonna become popular, then advertisers are gonna exploit it to no end and push it down our throats, and it’s not gonna be cool anymore. Then something else will become cool and the cycle will start again

Comment on December 11th, 2009.

Very true. Everything is commercialized these days, even college.

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